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D'Artagnan Organic Turkey Breast (4-6 lbs, serves 4-6)

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All-natural, bone-in turkey breast from turkeys never administered antibiotics or hormones. Our turkey breast is tender and succulent, and is the perfect size for a small gathering, or makes an excellent supplement to a whole turkey. At large family feasts, it will be a relief to know that there is enough white meat to go around. The White Broad-breasted breed turkeys are raised on small Amish and Mennonite farms in Pennsylvania, grown out slowly on vegetarian and gluten-free feed. The locally grown corn and roasted soybeans are ground on the farm, and enhanced with vitamins and minerals. The result is a delightfully tender, moist turkey with superb taste.

  • All-vegetarian and gluten-free grain diet of corn, soy beans
  • No antibiotics, no growth hormones from birth
  • Includes the ribs and a portion of the wing meat, as well as the back and neck skin
  • Product of USA

  • D'Artagnan Organic Breasts are raw, never frozen, and range in size. 

    Pickup will be on Tuesday, November 21st or Wednesday, November 22nd between 12-5pm.

    Amber Waves will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.