Lacinato/Tuscan/Italian/Dinosaur Kale Seedling

Lacinato/Tuscan/Italian/Dinosaur Kale Seedling

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This Tuscan kale has long, narrow, dark blue-green leaves that tend to be softer than other varieties, making it perfect for cutting into thin strips and eating raw in a salad, or sautéeing for a milder, sweeter flavor. Plant your seedling as soon as you like! But if temperatures dip suddenly be sure to cover them with row cover or a tented sheet to keep your plants' leaves warm and protected, removing them once warm temperatures return. You can continuously harvest leaves from your plant as it matures until your plant begins to grow a flowering stem (called bolting), when your leaves will begin to lose flavor. 

Spacing: 12 - 18” apart

Size of Fruit/Crop: 20 - 25” tall

Days until Harvest: 51 days