Fairy Tale Eggplant Seedling

Fairy Tale Eggplant Seedling

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As cute as it sounds, this mini eggplant has tender white and purple skin with a sweet taste that can fit in the palm of your hand!  Try them on the grill and finish with a drizzle of olive oil and coarse salt. We also love them in a caponata with a mix of our tomatoes and summer vegetables! Fairy Tale eggplants are perfect for growing in containers and raised beds, but be sure to plant your seedling between mid May and early June for best results. Harvest these between 2” and 4” inches before they grow large or begin to lose their vibrant purple color. 

Spacing: 18 - 22” apart

Size of Fruit/Crop: 2 - 4” fruit

Days until Harvest: 55 Days