Cherry Bomb Tomato Seedling

Cherry Bomb Tomato Seedling

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A bright red cherry tomato with a sweet, well-balanced flavor, making it perfect for topping pastas or pizzas, raw or roasted, or used in caprese skewers for a fun, easy, and tasty appetizer. Plant between mid May and early June. While this plant is perfect for large pots, this is an indeterminate tomato variety, so your plant will do best trellised, staked, or caged. And be sure to prune any side stems (called suckers) so there are only one or two main stems. This will get you juicier, more fully flavored tomatoes. Harvest once the fruit has fully ripened on the vine and reached its full color. 

Spacing: 24 - 36” apart or 14 - 20” if staking

Size of Fruit/Crop: 15 - 20 gram fruit

Days until Harvest: 64 days