Koch's Turkey Organic Breast (4-10 lbs) $6/lb

Koch's Turkey Organic Breast (4-10 lbs) $6/lb

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Raised on a family farm in central Pennsylvania. Koch's has been a pioneer in being one of the first to grow antibiotic-free turkeys with an all vegetarian diet. Koch's also started a humane program eight years ago, being the first turkey producer to be Certified Humane®. The high standards for raising turkeys this way provides Koch's turkeys with twice the amount of space in the turkey barns as is required by normal commercial growing practices. At Koch's Turkey Farm, the turkeys raised are certified organic by Pennsylvania Organic Certifiers.

Koch's Organic Turkey Breasts range in size from 4 - 10 lbs, uncooked.

Size of breast will be first come, first serve. 

We will charge a $30 deposit online. When you come to pick up your Thanksgiving order, we will refund this deposit and then charge you for the actual cost per pound onsite. 

Pickup will be on Tuesday, November 23rd or Wednesday, November 24th between 9am-5pm.

Amber Waves will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.